About Us

About Us

Hello beautiful,

We are Barbara and Pete a French-Hungarian couple living in sunny Barcelona Spain with our wee bit spoiled but adorable basset hound named Vermont. Welcome to our food blog! Come check out our story, how we got started and who we really are.

This blog got started as we tried collecting and composing own recipes which are healthy, easy and quick as we were transforming our eating habits for the better. Barbara loves cooking and Pete loves eating healthy food but he is not much of a cook. So did the teaching, learning and recipe organising begin for our own entertainment.

Our philosophy

It is quite simple: Don’t eat meat anymore and try to seriously cut back on dairy too. Happy to say we are almost dairy free ( honestly some cheeses are just too delicious to give up ..damn you comté, ricotta or mozzarella de la buffala). Meat is out of our life completely but limited amount of fish is still part of it as well as some sea food.(eggs too btw.) With all that we really do not know what this concludes to diet wise … Pescatarian, Flexatarian some sort of vegetarian perhaps … we just call it “Almost vegetarian”. Anyhow sure thing we’ve started eating much healthier than before.

On who we are

Barbara was a fashion designer travelling around the globe working with many famous clients sporting her fashionable pair of glasses with a french touch. Pete is a IT project manger with a slight bicycle fetish and a compulsive kitesurfing habit and on top of this he is sporting a healthy beard. When we add Vermont -our aristocratic looking, well trained but stubborn pup- into the mix it is easy to see why our trio was labeled “Definitely Hipster” by our group of friends. I guess we are just missing some visible tattoos but we can work on that later… 🙂

Barbara thought that the fast fashion world can be put on a bit of a pause as she got lots of positive feedback on our blog from friends. She finally decided to quit her job in November of 2016 to dedicate more time helping people through our blog and cooking classes transitioning to a healthier diet and cook more even if they not used to cook for themselves before.

The rest is history… green&pepper was born and it was Definitely hipster & Almost vegetarian right from the start.

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Are you trying to eat healthier too? What brought you here?

Write to us we’d like to hear from you

Hugs and kisses,

Barbara, Pete and Vermont


Contact: greenandpepperfood@gmail.com

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