Fresh spring salad

Fresh spring salad


Ingredients: 250g chickpeas/ 1/2cucumber / 15 strawberries/ 1 mango/ 1/2 lemon juice/ fresh coriander/ salt & pepper

This is not a classic salad by traditional means but it is in the ‘salads hall of fame’ in our house. We love it so much that we need to have this on a regular basis through the better part of spring and all summer. Fresh is really the best word to describe it … The chickpeas is an amazing base and makes a fulfilling foundation. The lemon, coriander classic duo gives you some really nice flavours to start with and the cucumber tops it up with some extra awesome crunchy freshness. Strawberry and mango combination sweetens it all up to just the perfect level. We have also tried it with pomegranate and mango for ‘sweeteners’ and it works pretty nicely too, but in that version we left out the cucumber. Now you see how easy it is to vary things up here … get creative and let us know your favourite version.


For 2 pers: 

  • 250g chickpeas already cooked
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 15 strawberries
  • 1 mango
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • few branch of fresh coriander
  • salt & pepper


Cut the strawberries, mango and cucumber . Put everything in a big tupperware and add all the chickpeas.

Press half the juice of a lemon and cut the fresh coriander. Add it and mix everything together.

This salad needs to be really fresh so store it for a minimum of 3 hours or one night in your fridge.

Add a pinch of salt before serving.


No es la típica ensalada, pero nos gusta mucho comerla… sobretodo en verano, cuando más apetece compartirla! 😉 

Lleva garbanzos, fresas, limón, pepino, cilantro y mango! Pensaréis que esta mezcla es un poco rara, pero tenéis que probarla! Es muy fresca, sabrosa y sana… ideal para cuando hace mucho calor!

Otra opción es quitar las fresas y poner granada!

2 personas

  • 250gr de garbanzos cocidos
  • 1/2 pepino
  • 15 fresas
  • 1 mango
  • zumo de 1/2 limón
  • un poco de cilantro
  • sal y pimienta


Corta las fresas, el mango y el pepino y, junto con los garbanzos, ponlo todo dentro de un bol.

Añade zumo de limón y un poco de cilantro cortado, y mézclalo todo.

Pon la ensalada en la nevera, como mínimo durante 3 horas. Nosotros la pusimos durante toda una noche.

Antes de servir, añade un poco de sal y pimienta. 



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