My first trimester

My first trimester

My first trimester


How my body felt from the inside:


-Cold pressed juice from the brand “Paf le jus”  with fresh pollen “Apicia”:

The first two weeks before I even knew that I was pregnant, I was “addicted” to cold-pressed juice with fresh pollen! An amazing treat for breakfast.

-Folic acid from the “Naturmil” brand.

I knew I was pregnant early enough and thanks to Mari (a friend and Nutritionist), I started immediately to take one folic acid tablet per day.

-Nux Vomica and Ipeca homeopathy.

On the December 31, 2017, I had a strong nausea and Pete went to get me the homeopathy tubes…

TOP! I was taking them after every 3 hours and it really helped to reduce my nausea.

-Rice cakes covered with dark chocolate:

Every morning I had to eat one or even two rice cakes in the bed to avoid the nausea!!

During those first three months, I always had some with me! 🙂

-Sparkling water:

The sparkling water helped me a lot with my digestive problems. 🙂

-Chocolate porridge for breakfast:

I wasn’t a big fan of porridge before, but it really helped me keep up with my energy in the morning.

You can find my recipe here.

-The vegetable broth:

Sometimes I had “nauseous evenings” and then, I would ask Pete to make me for the next day a vegetable broth with some rice.

It’s easy enough to make for any father-to-be and it helps us to recover.

Ah! Of course, the Netflix days – sofa and pajamas are also necessary during this period. 🙂

Rest well during the weekend to start a new week in a good shape.

-Fresh fruits and vegetables:

I have always enjoyed buying the fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, but during this period- even more!

Except not eating meat, I did not keep myself back with anything: mangoes, raspberries, strawberries (when the season arrives), pineapple, blood oranges, melon,…

-Vegetarian sushi:

To satisfy my hunger for sushi, I turned to the “vegetarian sushi” options.

Mari told me again that there is nothing to worry about and that Nori seaweed is rich with minerals and iodine.


CAUTION: I really wasn’t the best cook in the world during the first two months of my pregnancy. No particular desire to cook!

So we took a lot of takeaway food from our favorite restaurants… 🙁

After this first trimester, I was very happy to know that my blood and urine tests were perfect!

And I gained less than 1kg in three months. 🙂


How my body was seen from the outside:


-Sweet almond oil from the brand “Oli d’ametlles” :

I was always afraid of getting stretch marks and all my friends had told me that almond oil would work miracles.

I have been putting it on every morning and night since I got pregnant!! And don’t forget your but and areas between your legs, girls!  🙂

I was testing three different brands but I had a big crush on the last one, Oli d’ametlles .

My skin stays well hydrated and even that the bottle is big, I don’t put it everywhere. 🙂

Till now no stretch marks in sight! Fingers crossed!

-The Curcuma cleanser and scrub from the brand “Mamita cosmetica”.

The first few weeks, I had an acne attack and the products in the Mamita range were able to calm it all down. I’ve been using them daily for a year and a half for now. I love it!! <3

-Concealer from the brand “RMS

A lot of people have asked me if I wasn’t too tired during this first trimester, and luckily, I didn’t have to complain.

On the other hand, I had dark circles under my eyes, I would have scared a dead man away! Hahaha

Sometimes I don’t wear makeup, I just wear concealer, some lipstick ,and done!

-H&M conscious panties.

No-no, I don’t really promote H&M- but just their cotton panties. 🙂

I really had to buy myself a full stock because I wanted to feel super comfortable every day!

-Four pairs of H&M tights for pregnant women.

Once I started to gain weight, I wanted to find clothes for  pregnant women without the “glitter” and “butterfly” style. (It seems that when you are pregnant, you switch to the “Teletubbie” by the force. Hahahaha) And it was not an easy task…

I think that the market for pregnant woman is not profitable and nobody is interested in it, even less the Inditex group (Zara, Massimo Dutti…)

So yes, you are going to say “order on Asos” but for all that, I have a very granny side, I want to try my clothes on before buying and even more during when my body changes so much.

In short, I switched from the dresses and skirts to jersey and trousers with an elasticated belt from COS brand

I preferred to put a little more money into the quality and keep the shape.

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