Mônmas, San Antoni store in Barcelona 



Pete and I are super excited because from now you can buy all our products in the ONLINE store Mônmas!

Another good news, Gina, the owner of the store, has made us a tab where you can find only our products!

We are so excited!  Many thanks!

Can you tell us but why this store and not another?

Well, first because we live 5 minutes away from it and that means we buy almost everything there. 🙂

Also because she has ideas that fit a lot with ours.

For example:

  • On the website, you can buy in bulk and it’s a big advantage.
  • Her store has ecological and proximity products .
  • You can find quality and delicious products. (We love their “vegetable chips” !!).
  • Home delivery can be done by bike in Barcelona.

Another thing, when it’s missing one of our products, Gina tried to look for it and add it !! But you know that she does for me but also for others customers of her store !! She is so nice !!

Last good news, (it’s Christmas before Christmas hahaha), if you want to buy it on her web page. You can have a discount of 10% if you enter our code GREENPEPPER10 !! Great, huh?

A huge kiss to all and hope you enjoy the products. <3



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